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Plant Club 


-Sunday, 4/24 via Zoom

-11am pst/ 2pm est for 1.5 hours

-$22-$44 sliding scale

(+$15 if you’d like the plant mailed to you for tea)

-Please pay via venmo @cici-cyr or PayPal to

-Your payment reserves your spot 

-Contact me directly for trades and scholarships. 

-If you’d like to attend, please register no later than Sunday 4/17. 

-Email me at with your mailing address and your email address. I will email you the zoom link before we meet and I will mail nettle tea to drink during Plant Club


Thank you!

(for more details about Plant Club and what you can expect, keep reading below...)

Nettle is one of the earliest edible greens to pop up in the spring. We call on nettle to celebrate the arrival of spring and to remind us of the nourishing quality of the season. 


Here we gather together in circle and invite in the spirit of nettle. We will drink nettle tea together, feel the medicine in our bodies, share our individual experiences of relating with this plant within our collective space. We will collectively slow down, slow enough to hear the language of the land and our bodies. We practice deep listening, plant communication, and reciprocal relationships with our other-than-human kin. Whether or not you have a relationship with nettle, you are welcome here. Beginners and seasoned herbalists and plant people alike have so much to offer to this collective space. This gathering is a safe and inclusive place of learning and exploration for everyone. 


I want to be clear that I am not teaching here, rather facilitating a space for collective curiosity, learning, and wisdom sharing. We all bring such a wealth of personal experience to the circle and what we create together, in company with the plants, is better than anything I could teach you. 


What we practice here is indigenous wisdom. We all have indigenous kin if we go far enough back along our lineages and we all share the trauma of colonization and separation from land and self. Folks who are indigenous to these lands, you are welcome in the space for free. Please contact me directly at Until we are all free from oppressive forces, may we share our knowledge and energy and money as generously as we are able and support those in our local communities doing the work of decentralizing power, abolishing systems of oppression, and seeding beauty and collective liberation. I thank you for supporting me in the work I do! 


Please come join me and nettle and celebrate spring! Questions? Email me at And please feel free to share this with anyone who may be interested.​


With love,