Frequently asked questions

What exactly do you offer?

I offer a space for my local and wider communities to connect to the earth and each other. I host periodic Plant Walks and other local and virtual workshops, seasonal plant medicines made from the plants in my garden, and gardening consultations.

Do you ever collaborate?

I love meeting people working toward the same goals. I am a gardener, herbalist, and educator, and work from a foundation of localism, earth-based and indigenous wisdom, and inclusion. I am happy to talk to anyone interested in collaborating on workshops and gatherings and making custom medicines. Please get in touch.

Do you travel for garden consultations?

I offer in-person consultations in so-called New Hampshire on Abenaki Land. I offer virtual consultations for all other locations.

How can I support you and your work?

The best way to support what I'm doing is to attend one of my workshops, purchase plant medicine or seeds from my apothecary, or book me for a garden consultation. I also accept donations via venmo @cici-cyr and PayPal to cici@thespringwithin.com. Thank you! Supporting me supports my local community, as I am dedicated to sourcing local materials and indgredients, buying seeds and plants from local nurseries, and dedicating myself to the people and more-than-human beings living on this land.

Will you tell me more about your plant medicine?

Most simply: I make medicine with plants I grow in my garden. I don't use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. My plants eat and live as well as I do! All the base alcohols and oils are sourced from small local businesses, additive-free, and organic (or if not certified organic, up to organic standards). The Longer Story Behind the Apothecary: Everything you see in my apothecary is made by me, with upmost love and care, in a peaceful environment. I formulate and bottle my medicines on the full and new moons. My medicine is one of the kind and seasonal, meaning that I create based on what is locally and seasonally available and abundant. Most medicines are offered only once, except for a select few favorites. The plants featured in these medicines are harvested from my home garden, with respect for the plants, the human communities where they grow, and the land from which they are harvested. Every plant and ingredient included is grown organically, regeneratively, and with great respect for the Earth and all of the beings in my garden. I believe in the importance of nourishing what nourishes us. If you have questions about specific medicines, would like to collaborate to create a custom blend, or you're interested in a plant medicine consultation, please contact me.