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Cici Cyr of The Spring Within


My relationship with the land influences my work. The plants and the more-than-human beings are my greatest teachers. I learn by being and by listening. I work in a decolonizing, decentralizing, community building and nourishing framework.

I aim to nourish the earth and our local communities, become a good ancestor, and be a good ally to the plant people. I am motivated by curiosity and joy and feel most like a pollinator in the garden, seeking beauty, making connections, and providing nourishment.  

For more about my work and my process, read my interview with Ancestral Thread for their Weaving Stories project here.


Hi, my name is Cici Cyr. I live on the unceded ancestral homelands of the Abenaki, who are part of the Wabanaki Confederacy. This land is otherwise known as Holderness, New Hampshire. Grounding myself on the land and connecting to and respecting the people who know this land intimately is foundational to my work. 


I weave relationships between our human communities and the Earth, helping deepen our connection to the innate abundance of self and nature. I listen to the desires of my clients and community and also let the land speak for itself, allowing for the synergy of their needs guide my work.

I am here to help you remember and reclaim abundance through my offerings: community workshops, seasonal homegrown and homemade plant medicine, and home and community garden consultations.


I grew up in rural Washington State, on unceded Coast Salish land. I was raised by the Cascade Mountains, on Yakama land. The waterfalls, the springs, the moisture, the moss, the mushrooms, and the old growth trees helped me grow. I learned the mushrooms, tending to the plants, and nourishing my body with food from my grandmother and mother. 

I got a BA in Environmental Studies with a minor in studio art from Pomona College in Claremont, CA, where I spent most of my time at the school farm, camping, and rock climbing.

I spent my early 20s traveling, learning how to grow food and make medicine from many teachers, including the plants themselves. I received a permaculture design certificate and worked for years as a professional gardener, growing food and teaching classes in private homes, schools, and restaurants. 

In my mid 20s, I created my business Abundant LA, offering homemade plant medicine, community workshops, and garden consultations and maintenance. 

In 2021, I moved to Holderness, NH, where I have been sinking in, reconnecting to the ancestors of this land, meeting new plant friends, and planting many seeds. I've been busy tending to our orchard of over 40 apple trees, planting extensive gardens, and taking care of our child. I began The Spring Within as a home for my gardening work, herbalism practice, and teaching. 

My current threads of curiosity and creation include gardening, medicine making, natural dyeing, and deep listening. 



I want to be clear that I am not teaching here, rather facilitating a space for collective curiosity, learning, and wisdom sharing. We all bring such a wealth of personal experience to the circle and what we create together, in company with the plants, is better than anything I could teach you. 

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