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The name says it all. This balm is the mother of all balms! It is formulated to help with all issues related to the skin, muscles, and bones: scratches, dry skin, cuts, burns, scars, bites, eczema, acne, chapped lips, hands, and feet, general skin irritation, muscle soreness, strains, and broken bones.

Ingredients: comfrey, yarrow, calendula, evening primrose, and self-heal flowers, infused in coconut oil and almond oil, with smoked beeswax. 2 oz.

Use: Apply where and when needed to irritated skin

Comfrey Helps heal broken skin, strained muscles, and broken bones. This powerhouse herb provides structure when it is needed and encourages cell regeneration.

Yarrow A plant for nourishing the skin and the body's barriers, increasing blood flow and healing irritation, cuts, and bruises.

Evening Primrose Smoothes skin and balances hormones.

Coconut Oil Cooling, nourishing, and soothing, great on hot and inflamed skin.

Almond Oil Deeply moisturizing, with a soft and yummy scent.
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