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This moisturizing face, body, and hair oil is created for daily ritual use to nourish the skin and encourage healthy connection to your body, with the help of a few favorite medicinal herbs and flowers, infused in nourishing base oils.

Yarrow A plant for nourishing the skin and the body's barriers, increasing blood flow and healing irritation, cuts, and bruises.

Rose Geranium A sweet plant who uplifts the spirit with its rosy and citrusy scent.

Mugwort A portal to the plant spirit realm, allowing for deep connections to self and the Earth. Mugwort increases blood flow to unblock stagnancy.

Motherwort An herb for the heart. This sweetheart calms a racing and anxious heart, soothes nervous tension, and feels like a warm hug.

Mullein Clearing stagnancy, mullein is invigorating and fresh!

Lavender Promotes relaxation, calm, peaceful dreams, and good sleep

Lemon Balm Calms anxiety and uplifts the spirit.

Evening Primrose Smoothes skin and balances hormones.

Elderflower Brightens skin, supports healthy boundaries, and nourishes the immune system.

Sunflower Oil Light and neutral in scent, sunflower oil provides a clear vessel to hold the medicine of the plants

Sea Buckthorn Oil Bright in color and uplifting in energy, buckthorn oil is extremely nourishing to the skin cells and helps heal all sorts of issues of irritation, including burns, cuts, sunburn, and rashes.

Ingredients: All ingredients are organic and homegrown with respect: : sunflower oil, sea buckthorn oil, mugwort, motherwort, mullein, yarrow, lavender, rose geranium, lemon balm, evening primrose, and elderflower.
1oz or 2oz bottle

Use: Apply after a shower, bath, or after washing your face, when your pores are open and receptive. Start with a few drops and use as much as you'd like, massaging until your skin is supple, but not oily. This oil is gentle and suitable for use morning and night.

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